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Why ClinicNote?

That’s where ClinicNote comes in.

Work with Us

Meet the ClinicNote Team

Lana Fox
Founder & CEO

Lana Fox

Lana believes people are what it’s all about. Whether she is working alongside her team or helping you help your patients and staff, people are always at the center. Clients and team members continue to turn to her for her thoughtful questions, servant leadership, and creative problem solving.

Originally from Williamsburg, Iowa, Lana now lives in the Des Moines metro with her husband, three kids, and cat. When she isn’t leading her team or making life easier for therapists, Lana is with her loved ones, enjoying the outdoors and playing board games—Wingspan is her favorite at the moment.

1 million
Creative ideas I have swirling through my mind at any moment

Director of Sales

Kristen Hughes

Kristen loves meeting new people, learning about them, hearing their amazing stories, and helping them achieve their goals. At ClinicNote, that means assisting people like you in finding solutions through our software and services.

Originally from Iowa, Kristen now lives in the Sunshine State of Florida. Outside of work, she enjoys going on adventures with her two kids, family, and friends in the great outdoors. Her favorite place is Costa Rica and she loves anything music-related—whether it’s a big concert or a local artist at a small venue, she’ll be there.

Concerts attended

Director of Operations

Beth Ann Fox

Beth oversees customer excellence services at ClinicNote. She is passionate about people and creating efficient processes to make the workday better for all. She is a true team player and advocate for clients.

Beth calls central Iowa home, and absolutely loves living in the Midwest where she can sit on the patio and visit with neighbors, family, and friends. Her favorite things are words, flowers, and chocolate, and when she isn’t working you can find her playing games, creating, and taking walks. She has two grown sons with expanding families who also keep her busy.

Continents visited and foreign languages studied

Senior Technical Development & Support Specialist

Anna Maher

When you use ClinicNote, you are not alone! Anna is there to provide technical support so you can learn the ins and outs quickly and efficiently. She loves making personal connections with the people she helps, and is always ready to jump in to help out any time you need assistance.

Anna currently lives in Minnesota, but is known for returning home each year to participate in the world-renowned Iowa State Fair. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her three kids, watching movies, and listening to podcasts—mostly comedy! Because who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh, right?

Number of months she regrets living in Minnesota during the winter

Service Excellence Manager

Stacy Robertson

Have a question? Stacy has the answer! With a passion for excellent customer service, Stacy brings the knowledge and support our clients need to take full advantage of everything ClinicNote has to offer. When it comes to creating success for our clients, you’ll often find Stacy in the mix.

Stacy has lived in Iowa for most of her life, but she grew up in Kansas City, Kansas. You will rarely see her sitting—in her free time, she loves to run or walk outside and weight train. On weekends, you will likely find her in a race being cheered on by her husband and three adult children.

Marathons completed

Account Manager

Nikki Flanders

Relationships—that’s what Nikki is all about. She is a connector of people and she is here to get to know you, assess what you need, and create the plan to make it happen. Our clients love working with Nikki, and she loves working with them.

Born and raised in Southern Iowa, Nikki now lives in central Iowa with her husband and their three awesome kiddos who keep them laughing and on their toes. She has two degrees: one in communication studies and the other in nursing. When she isn’t working, Nikki enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, baking, reading, and playing volleyball.

States visited

Director of Product

Jonathan Bunjer

Jonathan develops software solutions to help clients like you serve students and patients better. He works with a team of people who are passionate about their work and the people they serve. He is our go-to innovator, ready to create solutions that clients need.

Originally from Kansas City, Jonathan now calls Cedar Rapids, Iowa, home. In his free time, he enjoys getting outside (hiking, running, biking) and watching sports—go Chiefs!

Languages spoken fluently (English and German)

Service Excellence Support Technician

Abby Grover

Our clients matter to us—and Abby loves helping those who are dedicating their lives and careers to helping others. By engaging in active listening, demonstrating empathy, and giving care to her support work each day, Abby helps make the lives of our clients easier by answering any questions they may have.

Abby lives in the Des Moines area, and has a passion for mental health advocacy, social justice issues, and sustainability for our planet. Outside of work, you might find her enjoying nature, tackling a DIY project, or traveling to new destinations.

Estimated minutes spent meditating in 2023


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